Betina plays an array of instruments. She is most frequently found holding her clarinet,
but she also plays mandolin, piano, melodica, mouth harp and didgeridoo.
She is a member of Choeur Solis, her local choir and the band Heirloom.
She is currently studying clarinet in Montreal and is interested in diverse styles of music
and performance, including klezmer, swing, theatre and spoken word.






Clarito finished his Masters in Piano Performance at University of Montreal
under the tutelage of Paul Stewart in 2012. A multi-coloured performer, he has spent the years directing, teaching and writing for Odeum Theatre, as well as touring Western Canada with
Two Time Saskatchewan Fiddle Champion, Ben Beveridge. Likes include: any instrument
made of wood, skies where you can see the stars at night, the rain and the colour blue.
Dislikes include: Porcupines, fried onions and mutated fish.






Born in Nova Scotia, Ranito love of drums and percussion began at the age of 6 with studies in drumset. He continued his education with a degree in orchestral percussion from Dalhousie University and has recently been studying Benares tabla. He is a skilled performer, creator, teacher, composer, arranger, producer, sound engineer, and sound designer, among other things.







Olivino starts playing cello at age 5, joins Les Petits Chanteurs du Mont-Royal with whom he will do two tours in Europe and two in North America. Alongside cello studies, Oliver also learned piano, bass and bassoon. After a cégep at Vincent d’Indy and a bachelor at l’Université de Montréal, he has now been earning a living as a musician since 2008. Working as a cellist, choir singer and bassist. His last tour was with Cavalia in 2009-2010.