Sapo’s now working on a new CD
Will see you again in the warm season 


Fev 10Cagibi (Montreal QC)
Mar 29Jacob’s (Drummondville QC)
Mar 30La Caravane (North Hatley QC)
May 5Dean’s (Ottawa ON)
May 17La Khaima (Montreal QC)
June 9l’Artère (Québec Solidaire $ raiser, Montreal QC)
June 16Le Rond Coin (St-Élie-de-Caxton QC)


Aug 8La Vieille École (St-André QC)
Aug 9La Patente Archibalt (Moncton NB)
Aug 11Alyce’s  (Sydney NS)
Aug 14Nick’s (Halifax NS)
Aug 16Anna’s Barn ($ raiser, Bridgewater NS)
Aug 17Old Belle River Church (Belle River PE)
Aug 19Michael’s (Rothesay NB)
Oct 1 - Caro’s Coop (Vancouver BC)
Oct 26Pressed (Ottawa ON)


Dec 3Café l’Artère (Montreal)
Nov 18Bistro Araucaria (Montreal)
Oct 22St-Ciboire (Montreal)
Sep 10Palace (Granby Fest)


the “STARTING TO MATTER” tour 2011

Aug 18Morning Side (Salt Spring, BC)
Aug 13Meadow (Saturna, BC)
Aug 12Moka House (Victoria, BC)
Aug 11Raw Canvas (Vancouver, BC)
Aug 6The Moen’s (Rossland, BC)
Aug 4Ye Old Jar Bar (Medicine Hat, AB)
Aug 3K & K’s (Saskatoon, SK)
Aug 1James’ (Winnipeg, MA)
Aug 1Rossbrook center (Winnipeg, MA)
July 28Alex’s (Sudbury, ON)
July 27The Spill (Peterborough, ON)
July 26The Begin Home (Hull, QC)
July 23Sapo’s Terrasse (Montreal, QC)

July 14Bistro de Paris (Montreal)
July 13Quai des brumes (Montreal)
June 14Les Pas Sages (Montreal)
June 4 - St-Ambroise (Montreal)
May 12Landing pad loft (Montreal)
April 21Cagibi (Montreal)
Mar 15Casa del Popolo (Voix d’Amérique Fest)
Mar 11The Landing Pad (Montreal)
Mar 5Burritoville (Montreal)


Dec 14Confessional (Montreal)
Nov 27Yellow door (Montreal)
Nov 18Café Lézard (Montreal)
Oct 27Cagibi (Montreal)
Oct 7Cagibi (Montreal)
Sept 23l’Escalier (Montreal)
July 24Grün Vert Café (Montreal)
July 22Georges Alexandre (Montreal)
July 17L’Escalier (Montreal)
July 3St-Ciboire (Montreal)
June 25Bistro L’Étranger (Montreal)
June 16Les Pas Sages (Montreal)
May 21Cagibi (Montreal)
May 8O Hara’s Pub (Montreal)
April 24Georges Alexandre (Montreal)
April 10 - Inspecteur Épingle (Montreal)
April 6AUS Lounge (McGill Katana launch, Montreal)
Mar 27Grün Vert Café (Haiti $ raiser, Montreal)
Mar 20O Hara’s Pub (Montreal)
Mar 11Burritoville (Montreal)
Feb 22Grumpy’s (Montreal)
Jan 18Grumpy’s (Haiti $ raiser, Montreal)


Dec 16Burritoville (Montreal)
Dec 10Casa del Popolo (Montreal)
Nov 22Divan Orange (Montreal)
Nov 7The Yellow Door (Montreal)
Nov 6Il Motore (Monthly Mess, Montreal)
Oct 5Grumpy’s (Montreal)
Sept 24 -Burritoville (Montreal)
Sept 11Cagibi (Montreal)